Some of Our Clients Include:

  • BAE Systems
  • Beck Group
  • Bentley Systems
  • Catalyst Solutions
  • Cisco
  • Dell SecureWorks
  • Fitbit
  • Healthx
  • HSI
  • Huron Consulting
  • JLL
  • Peak 10
  • Phishlabs
  • Red Hat
  • Royal Building Products
  • Synergis Software
  • Weight Watchers
  • Wight & Company

Jeff Spalding, Chief Operating Officer (former)

peak 10 (now Flexential)

“The benefits of a sales process to Peak 10 have been significant. It has brought discipline to me and my sales team even when I give some of my Sales Managers and Salespeople the flexibility to adapt the process on a case by case basis. Without our defined process, no one would know if someone was being flexible off of the process or not. Additionally, by using the Evaluation Plan as a “control” document, everyone within Peak 10, as well as our prospect, objectively understands when an opportunity might close. As importantly, every time we have had an Evaluation Plan “owned” by the prospect’s power sponsor, we have won the business. As a result, I have been able to forecast sales more accurately than our CFO!”

Tyler Winkler, Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing (former)


“Solution Selling® has been an integral piece of our business model since I joined Dell SecureWorks in 2002 and has helped us to increase revenue by 1,200% by enhancing the professionalism of our sales team. I personally have benefited from participating in numerous Solution Selling® sessions over the past 13 years, in addition to their supporting Sales Management & Coaching module. As importantly, as we have joined Dell, I want each member of our sales team to participate in a Solution Selling® workshop on an annual basis. Money well spent!”

Brad Paulsen, Vice President of Business Development


“Our sales progress year-to-date is better than it has ever been, growing the business by 10% over last year. Our backlog going into next year is at an all time high, exceeding our best year by over 50%. The pipeline is full with well qualified leads and the sales pipeline process (qualifying leads, tracking opportunities through the funnel and getting to power) is a natural part of our culture here. While there are always many ingredients to success, I just wanted to let you know that McCrory & Company is a part of these successes. Thanks for your help, patience and support and I look forward to your continued work with us this year!”