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News & Events

2024 Solution Selling Virtual “Open” Workshops

Below are the dates for our next virtual “open” Solution Selling® in Collaborative Era workshops, presented across four 4-hour virtual modules (scheduled from 10:00am – 2:00pm eastern time), including:
  • January 29 – February 1
  • April 22 – 25
  • July 15 – 18
  • September 9 – 12
  • November 18 – 21
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The proverbial dog caught the car

We got verbal, now what? The prospect said yes and now the negotiations begin.  Congrats on the verbal, yet the bad news is that your prospect knows that you and your leadership want to get this opportunity closed before the end of the month and/or quarter.  Below are some thoughts… Read the rest


Can Prospecting be a successful priority for Salespeople? It has to be!

Many running events begin with a blank shell that is shot from a starter’s pistol.  In selling, a salesperson is more likely to win their race if he or she is the first one off of the starting line. This means that a salesperson is best positioned to win if… Read the rest


Have Salespeople Lost Something?

A sales executive told me recently that his team had lost the ability to speak the language of the businesses that they were targeting. He kept hearing from both clients and prospects that salespeople “don’t understand my business.” Instead, they are more focused on the business of things—meaning what Read the rest


Gain an advantage in your Virtual Sales Meetings

“Virtual selling will continue even after we get a successful COVID vaccine.” A client told me this just last week, confirming what many others are now saying.  As a result, she, along with other Sales Leaders have asked us to help their sales-related personnel to better execute the various types… Read the rest


Are your opportunities winnable before month-end?

For many of us, in about two weeks, quarter end will again be upon us.  You may be asking yourself, which opportunities in my pipeline are winnable and how many can be closed before the end of the month? Below are 6 variables that will help you determine the health… Read the rest


Do we chase every “opportunity”?

As we hopefully exit this pandemic, some Sales Leaders are saying to pursue any opportunity, while others are complaining that they have too many opportunities in their pipeline – and many of those are both unqualified and time-wasters.  What’s your perspective on these diverse views? We are hearing from many… Read the rest


How effective is your sales talent?

During this pandemic, many sales leaders are focused on improving the efficiency of their team members, i.e. often spending upwards of $4,000 per year, per rep on technology to support their efforts.  Still, the opportunity cost of a sales rep that is not performing up to standard, can cost well… Read the rest


Let’s Get Virtual, Virtual – Supporting upskilling of your sales team in the time of Coronavirus

  • During these turbulent times, are your team members struggling to move opportunities through the pipeline?
  • Is your biggest competitor “No Decision Inc.”?
  • Do your Reps, unfortunately, have more downtime?
Sales organizations are now operating in an era of global instability and seeking ways to continue salesforce effectiveness and their further… Read the rest


YouTube of webinar: Selling in Turbulent Times

It is getting increasingly difficult out there selling to companies—both existing clients and new logos. And it doesn’t help with all the uncertainties in the world that are impacting decisions —from trade wars to stock market dives to growing concerns over the spread of Coronavirus. But troubling times like these… Read the rest