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Our Approach

McCrory & Company helps organizations realize and maintain significant increases in their sales results. As our clients are transformed into High Performance Sales Organizations, they are also able to see higher levels of customer satisfaction, increased sales productivity, improved team selling and more profitable enterprises overall.

By transforming our clients into High Performance Sales Organizations (HPSCs), we are able to help them minimize risk, stabilize pipelines and increase their revenues.

Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that the basis of every action an organization takes should be helping customers solve problems and achieve positive, measurable results. When an organization makes their customers’ needs the focal point of sales efforts, and solutions replace products and services in sales conversations, organizations are able to have enormous success.

Becoming a High Performance Sales Organization often requires a cultural transformation across every area of the organization. Our experienced team will work with your organization to design and implement a customized training and support plan for all management, sales and support personnel.

That plan will focus on four critical elements of high performance sales transformation. We also can offer tailored solutions within each of the four elements for organizations that do not require a complete transformation plan.

4 critical elements high sales

Executive Commitment to a Sales Transformation

Executive leadership must not only show firm support of the transformation, but also must be equipped with the tools and processes to guide the implementation of new strategies as well as ongoing coaching and measurement.

A Well-Defined Sales Process

We help you develop a repeatable, predictable and scalable sales process with a common language that allows every salesperson and those supporting them to identify, analyze, qualify and execute movement of opportunities through the sales cycle.

Support and Training to Ensure Success

Our complete support of implementation provides hands-on guidance through the entire implementation process.  Training helps all customer-facing team members understand the overall philosophy of Solution Selling®, and walks them through the behavioral changes required to transition. We also equip team members with an arsenal of tools and strategies to ensure success, such as prospecting flowcharts, value justification modules, pipeline analysis tools, revenue forecasting methods, and more.

By integrating new processes into existing systems, aligning the new sales process with marketing, clearly defining new roles and expectations, and building tools and aids into existing everyday activities, we are able to help ensure successful transformations.

Ongoing Coaching and Enablement

The success of a sales program is only as good as an organization’s focus on implementation and long-term commitment to change. This must be driven by first and second-line sales managers. Low expectations, lack of inspection, and wavering commitment to the behavioral changes and new processes learned will cause programs to fail. We help managers understand how to effectively track, inspect, and enforce the new processes as well as how to coach the new skills to ensure success.