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Our Team

Phil McCrory

Founder and President


Since starting McCrory & Company in 1990, Phil McCrory has worked with sales executives and client development professionals with hundreds of firms, including some of the top organizations in the world.

McCrory has been recognized by his Solution Selling® peers and his clients as the top sales consultant and trainer in the Solution Selling® organization.

Prior to founding McCrory & Company, Phil spent 13 years with First Union Corporation (now Wells Fargo) in Charlotte, NC. For the first seven years, he served as a salesperson and sales manager, working with companies in the U.S. and Europe. During the last six years with First Union, McCrory was Vice President of the Commercial Market Group, where he developed marketing strategies to target the corporate marketplace. McCrory also served as the liaison between the bank’s line units and automation/operations. In this capacity, he helped determine which systems were needed to solve the bank’s business problems and meet their strategic objectives.

McCrory received both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business administration from UNC-Chapel Hill.

Steve Hurleigh

Senior Consultant and Instructor


Steve Hurleigh’s primary areas of focus with McCrory & Company clients are: improving communication lines between management, sales managers, and teams; defining sellers’ and managers’ natural strengths and weaknesses and identifying how they could enhance or jeopardize the organization’s sales process, and properly aligning sales teams.

Hurleigh’s professional experience brings a unique level of capability to McCrory & Company. The majority of his career was spent in the investment banking and financial services industry. During his more than 25 years in that industry, his roles included sales, sales management, and product origination. Much of that time was spent with legacy First Union/Wachovia Capital Markets, where he served as Managing Director. In that role, he managed teams selling municipal debt products, public finance solutions, and taxable fixed income products. He also served for a period as the firm’s regulatory principal.

From 1998 through 2002, Hurleigh served as the Business Development Director and Manager of the Financial Services Group for Sales Performance International. This experience provided Steve with extensive insight into the myriad applications of Solution Selling®.

Hurleigh received his bachelor’s degree from Villanova University and his master’s degree from Long Island University’s Roth Graduate School of Business. He has served on several boards and committees within the financial services industry, including the Federated Investors Banking Products Advisory Board and the Securities Dealers of the Carolinas Board (for which he was President).

McCrory & Company truly has global reach. Through our partner organization, Richardson Sales Performance (www.richardson.com), we utilize and leverage the expertise of more than 130 certified sales consultants, trainers, CRM partners and subject matter experts across 50 countries. Our partners are among the best sales professionals in the industry as we have worked with 900+ clients and have trained over 3 million participants across the globe. This has contributed to our being the only company in our industry to receive recognition as an industry leader by both Gartner and Forrester, which underscores the unique value that we hope that we can bring to your team.