Magic Words: “They are lucky to have you!”

September 10, 2017

It should be the goal of any salesperson or account manager to leverage their work with an existing client as a way to get introductions to others within the same company and/or with prospects. In fact, requesting introductions from your clients and/or network can be a simple & low cost/high value “get” when they are asking you to do something that may be outside the scope of your current agreement.

Recently, the Global Head of Sales & Marketing for one of our clients introduced McCrory & Company to another company that he felt we could help – in this case to refine their messaging and then execute an inside sales campaign for a new vertical that they planned to target. As a follow-up, we reached out to the executive that referred us, to update him on the work that we were now doing. He thanked us for the update and then said this:

“They are lucky to have you – another sales executive should be calling you, as they are looking for help as well.”

These are magic words indeed. Let’s all earn the right to hear them often!

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